Don't know where to start the Probate process?
We can send you an easy to read guide to help you get started.

The Payne Real Estate Team has been specializing in Probate and Trust sales in Northern California since 2007. We have experience selling just about every type of property, from single family homes to multi-unit investments, land, ranches and vineyards, modern luxury living to classic Victorian and Craftsman homes. We understand the Probate and Trust sales process.  Let us help you.

Feeling Overwhelmed with the Trust or Probate Process?
We can send you an easy guide to help you get started.

When You’re Ready:
Below are some of the services our Probate & Trust Division team can provide for you:

  • Provide a “Death of Death Analysis.” Having worked in Probate and Trust sales for over 10 years, we have provided hundreds of Date of Death Analysis for Trusts/Estates to establish a “stepped-up tax base.” In many cases our sales records go back to the 1970’s.
  • Handle any personal property in need of removal and cover the upfront costs: The family can remove or donate whatever they wish . We will arrange for estate sale experts, moving and cleaning crews to handle everything else. The Payne Real Estate Team can cover any upfront costs if needed, which can then be reimbursed by the estate at close of escrow.
  • Have the property thoroughly cleaned and staged. Again, the Payne Real Estate Team can cover these costs until the property sells. Then we are reimbursed through escrow.
  • Make necessary repairs/improvements: Our service providers can do any type of work from minor repairs to full renovations. Often investing in the right repairs/improvements will result in allowing the home to sell for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time.
  • Provide a luxury level of marketing to the property, even if it may not be considered a luxury property. We use the latest tech, including, 3D home tours, professional video, photography, professional websites, and social media and online advertising.
  • We are Experts in Probate and Trust sales. Having worked closely with Estate Planning Attorneys and Private Fiduciaries for over 10 years, we know what they expect. This experience is key in order to avoid immature mistakes that could cost the Trust/Estate money or jeopardize the sales process.
  • We can also arrange for almost anything else that might be required: This might include specialized cleaning services, setting up an auction for the property or contents, but very importantly, sending you (and any other heirs you designate) a weekly status report on all aspects of the process. Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for all concerned.

Our priority is to “Provide Value First”. We are here to help you in any way we can during this frequently difficult time. So, whether you are ready to sell right away or just need some information, please feel free to call our office any time at (415) 858 – 0060.

Sean is a true professional, very patient with odd circumstances. Very polished.
I am an estate attorney. Estate sales of real estate can be tricky. Sean was unflappable and creatively closed our sale- Seemingly against all odds. Very professional.

B. Fishman

Sean was more than a real estate agent to us- He also found us our general contractor and assured all necessary work required to prepare the townhouse for sale with everything was done in a timely manner and at a fair cost. Our position would have been very difficult without Sean.

D. Olsen

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